Thursday, 28 October 2010

The 5 Best Jobs for Cheap Car Insurance

Fed up of paying so much for car insurance? Who isn't.

Have you ever wondered which occupations have the cheapest insurance premiums, well below is a list of the best 5 professions, so if you're leaving school or starting uni, you may want to become one of these...

5. Farmer
Hey Good Lookin'
Coming in a number 5 in the list are farmers, yes thats right, farmers. With their competence working with heavy machinery and tractors, plus their ability to hold up traffic and not give a damn what anyone thinks means the insurance companies trust these guys to not go breaking the speed limit any time soon. Also where exactly do they have to go, they live on a farm!

4. Actor
It Wasn't Me
Yes, actors, as hard as it is to believe societies most overvalued people get cheap car insurance. The official reasons for this are that statistically they tend to live in inner city areas and commute by train and bus. Then if they make it they get paid stupid amounts of money so the high premiums caused by their drink driving convictions are really not a concern. God bless you actors!

3. Librarian
I love a good Book
The humble librarian ranks at number 3, maybe its the stereotype, but they've got it going for them when it comes to low premiums. Their attention to detail and love for books over programs like top gear make them a safe bet for the insurers. I'm not sure I actually know any librarians, they are a dying breed with this internet around...

2. Pilot
The Pilots job requires them to be extremely focused as they are responsible for the safety of others, traits like this often transfer well to their driving habits. There's also the fact that if they screw up on the road, then their career is also screwed, oh and did i mention they know how to fly a f**k off plane...

1. Scientist
The Scientist, be ye of any breed, physicist, biologist or chemist (all other sciences are fakes - yes I mean those social sciences, in fact psychologists and the like have higher premiums for being so full of themselves!) benefit from having a cool as job and cheap insurance! Thanks to their eye to detail and meticulous nature they are seen as a good bet for the insurers. I can't help but thinking those crazy scientists are cheating the system, maybe there should be a test.

There you have it, if you're not in one of those professions and are short of some cash, well, sucks to be you


Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Welcome Travellers

Welcome to my world of Insurance insights. This is my personal blog where I will reveal the secrets of insurance industry.

Want to know who the best insurers are, or how those comparison websites such as go compare or compare the market make their money. Well I will reveal all!

Keep checking back as i will help you get the best out of the Insurance companies, and how you can lower your premiums.

A. Wright